Monday, September 27, 2010

2010 Report of Accomplishments of the Silver Lake Water Quality Project as reported by Palo Alto SWCD

Developed 3 press releases:
·         CREP project
·         Strip-till / no-till field day @ ILCC
·         Project update meeting

Held 4 public meetings:
·         Project update meeting
·         No-till / strip-till meeting w / Iowa Learning Farm @ ILCC
·         CREP informational meeting
·         Project Annual meeting

Enrolled 100 acres for the no-till / strip-till state incentive program within the watershed, and promoted the enrollment of 200 additional acres outside the watershed.

Enrolled 26.2 acres in the CREP program.

Re-enrolled 21 acres of CP-21 CRP filter strip.

Signed up 2 producers to install water ways in the fall of 2010. Tile work is complete and the application has been accepted. Both producers will enroll in CRP for cost / share and annual payments.

Completed a phosphorus free lawn fertilizer promotion to lakeside residents. This included an offer to soil test their yards. Ag Partners assisted with equipment and paying for the tests.

Began work on the bio-reactor. We probed tile and the landowner has a contractor lined up. We hope to begin construction in June, 2010.

Sent information to all producers in the watershed regarding no-till / strip till incentives.

Sent information on the no-till / strip-till meeting to 47 producers in the watershed

CREP site construction is underway and expected to be finished by mid summer.

Gave an oral report at the annual SWCD banquet in addition to a written report for the annual SWCD newsletter.

Met quarterly with the advisory committee.

Went door-to-door to the lake side residents with flyers promoting Green and Grow, a phosphorus free soy based fertilizer.

Had a booth at the ILCC Farm Lab Field Day.  Approximately 250 producers attended the event.

Gave an oral report at the annual SWCD banquet in addition to a written report for the annual SWCD newsletter.

Continued a water monitoring program partnering with the Iowa Soybean Association.

Attended a weekly meeting of the Palo Alto County supervisors giving them updates about our project.

Installed a sign on the CREP site with everyone’s log who is involved with our project.

Investigated the feasibility of a complete commercial sewer system for the new development area. After contacts were made it was decided that it is not feasible because several residents already had their own septic systems installed. Also, the county sanitarian and Clay Rural Water met on site to study the soils and their ability to drain properly for leach beds. In their opinion, available soils for leach bed are proper and safe for the lake.


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