Monday, September 27, 2010

Silver Lake History by I.A. Schoonmaker

A few statements about Silver Lake found on 
by I.A. Schoonmaker "who was a bona fide pioneer of Ayrshire and surrounding areas and at times published the newspaper in Ayrshire - among other things."

"In the fall of 1879 was the first time I was ever at Silver Lake. Just before corn husking, I went to the south end of the lake and on a large hill, owned by Grandfather Whitman at the time, was about 100 sandhill cranes and plenty of white cranes too. Wild geese and gray and white brants were very thick here at times."

"Fish Story Way Back When - Now here is a fish story - one day in the spring of 1886, I was training a horse to trot and I drove out to Silver Lake and when I got there I saw a spectacular sight which clings to my memory. There was about two acres of water covered with buffalo fish. They were pushing each other out of the water and onto the bank. So I drove back to Ayrshire and got my four-tined fork and back to the lake I went as fast as the horse could trot. After tying the horse, I ran to the water's edge and with one thrust of the fork, landed a fish so big I could hardly lift it on the fork. The actual weight of it was twenty-five and one quarter pounds. That was a big one that never got away."

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